AEGEAN A320 ATH-VIE / Athens to Vienna in Business Class

AEGEAN is one of Europe’s best carriers in terms of catering and professionalism.

1. Ground Experience: Tiresome and Terrible

Boarding commenced approx. 20 minutes before departure time. The plane was on a remote parking position. Consequently, bus boarding was the way to go. Now here’s where AEGEAN could (one of the few minus points from my side) definitely improve: The distinction between priority and non-priority passengers.

As is usually the case, Business Class, Star Alliance Gold Card holders, along with persons requiring assistance and families with infants were asked to board (the bus bringing us to the aircraft) first. Next, the remaining 100 or so non-priority passengers were allowed to board. The same bus as priority passengers. Long story short, the perks of being a premium passenger in terms of boarding was (and still is in Athens) zero: You pay more for your flight to enjoy premium perks, share the same bus with those who pay half (or less).

These sentences could go on forever, but the message should be clear: Departing from Athens when your plane is parked on a remote position and you are holding a priority ticket is not a premium experience at all.

2. Cabin and Crew: Nothing to write home about

I was greeted by flight attendants with a warm smile. Always pleasant to embark AEGEAN’s airplanes.

As is usually the case in Europe, regional business class means that you are very likely to have a seat neighbour. Lufthansa’s approach is to use the same seats as those economy class and just block the middle seat. AEGEAN is no different here. The only “premium” experience over sitting in economy is the fact that sitting up front gives you more legroom. A perk that certainly might be worth for tall people nonetheless.

Cabin Crew per se appeared to be professional. Well-groomed, friendly, and attentive - this is what I was used to when embarking the plane on this trip.

3. Service: Nothing to write home about

Today’s in flight meal was fish and vegetables, followed by a Greek delicacy called “Baklava”. The taste was great.

4. Conclusion: I have had better AEGEAN flights (3 / 5)

It wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t great either. I liked the catering (as always on AEGEAN’s premium flights), I liked the fact that I had the entire row to myself. The flight attendants serving business class on this particular flight, though, could definitely have smiled a few more - or at least have tried to give me the impression that it was worth sitting up front. It is the people who make life worth. This also holds true for companies and customer satisfaction alike. Nonetheless, I believe that this flight was probably full of flight attendants who had a rough day, as a result of which much of what they did appeared to be mechanical. Based on my experience with AEGEAN so far, the crew overall is professional, friendly, and attentive. Therefore, I am confident that my upcoming flights (and I will definitely have many of them) on AEGEAN will be great!

Askin Arcak