AEGEAN A320 SKG - ATH / Thessaloniki to Athens in Business Class

AEGEAN is one of Europe’s best carriers in terms of catering and professionalism.

1. Ground Experience: Smooth

Thessaloniki airport is a small regional airport close to the namesake city. Using my business class boarding pass, I was granted access to the priority lane in the security area. Security at the airport was friendly, efficient, and in good mood. Quite a rarity at many airports across the world.

Next, and as usual, a quick run through the duty free shops displaying numerous perfumes and greek delicacies, and I was heading to what I consider one of Europe’s most beautiful airport lounges: the AEGEAN Business Class Lounge. It features tarmac/runway views, bright interior, comfortable seats, and attentive lounge staff. The only downside, as is the case for AEGEAN’s flagship lounge in Athens, is the non-existing spread of warm dishes (soup excluded). Nonetheless, it’s enough for a quick bite of some yoghurts, delicacies, juices, coffee/tea while enjoying the interior of the lounge, the external views, and overall feeling comfortable.

Boarding at Thessaloniki airport commences through the business class lounge for select priority passengers (e.g. AEGEAN/Star Alliance). Boarding was efficient and fast. The only complaint on this note is the fact that all non-priority passengers were already boarding the plane when we arrived by the remote parking position of the plane. Just like in Athens, the idea of “Priority Boarding” definitely needs to be redefined in Thessaloniki. Nonetheless, the ground experience is smooth and always amenable at Thessaloniki airport.

2. Cabin and Crew: Nice

I was greeted by flight attendants with a warm smile. Always pleasant to embark AEGEAN’s airplanes.

As is usually the case in Europe, regional business class means that you are very likely to have a seat neighbour. Lufthansa’s approach is to use the same seats as those economy class and just block the middle seat. AEGEAN is no different here. The only “premium” experience over sitting in economy is the fact that sitting up front gives you more legroom. A perk that certainly might be worth for tall people nonetheless.

Cabin Crew per se appeared to be professional. Well-groomed, friendly, and attentive. And Efficient. Today’s flight time was approx. 45 minutes, and all business class passengers were served a tray of quick bites, along with cold and warm beverages.


3. Service: Efficient

Today’s inflight meal was smoked chicken, along with some cheese, and vegetables. I did not go over my way to eat all of it.

4. Conclusion: Solid (4 / 5)

There is not much to expect on a 45 minute flight, especially when you fly in Europe. Nonetheless, the ground experience was smooth, and the flight was flawless. Catering could have been better, but then again, given the short amount of flight time, this would make cabin crew’s life even more stressful than it already is on such a short flight. Great job to AEGEAN and the crew!

Askin Arcak