Qatar Airways A 350-1000 DOH - SIN / Doha to Singapore in Business Class

Ever since (official) the introduction of Q Suites early 2018, I had been eager to try out Qatar Airways’ new business class product. I have a hard time considering the Q Suite a classical business class product, since, given the seat and suite design, and also the amenities it comes with, it looks more like a First Class product rather than business class product.

So, did the Q Suites live up to all the hype in numerous flight reports across the web? YES!

Here’s why:

1. Ground Experience: Efficient

Boarding commenced 30 minutes to scheduled departure time. Other than that, nothing really special can be said about it. No long queues, no moaning, no grim faces by either crew or passengers eager to board the aircraft. It was fast, silent, efficient.

2. Cabin and Crew: Neat, Amenable and Hospitable

I was greeted by an international crew consisting of both senior and junior cabin crew members.

My first impression of the Q Suites cabin felt like it was smaller than shown on the web, some what claustrophobic even. Making myself comfortable, however, I changed this view and felt quite “home” in my own kingdom.

The cabin configuration consists of 1 - 2 - 1, which is up to today’s industry standards (in terms of modern and/or five star carriers) and means that every seat has a direct aisle access.

One striking feature of the Q Suites cabin is that every second window seat faces the rear cabin. In other words, you face the backside of the aircraft, which is an experience you don’t get to experience quite often on “average” airlines. But Qatar Airways isn’t average anyway (…)

As for cabin crew, most of them introduced themselves prior to pushback (which by the way took a bit longer due to delayed incoming passengers from a Frankfurt flight).

The rest of the flight was a mixture of enjoying some movies, catching some sleep and enjoying the window seat :)

3. Service: Superb

Tonight’s flight was no exception to my previous record of Qatar Airways’ excellent in flight catering: SUPERB!

4. Conclusion: loVe It (5 / 5)

I quite love the Q Suite product. It feels like your own kingdom. The in flight entertainment system is new, and it works any lags when using it. Catering wise, the flight was no exception to any other Qatar Airways flight I have had so far. The flight from Doha to Singapore took approx. ten hours, which, given such nice circumstances, and despite my lack of sleep, felt quite short. In other words, I loved every moment of this flight and can’t wait fly again!

Askin Arcak