Lufthansa Senator Lounge Munich

My first time enjoying the perks of being Star Alliance Gold member at Munich Airport. Lufthansa offers (at least) three facilities for Star Alliance Gold Members: (1) Lufthansa’s Senator Lounges in two different locations in the Schengen Terminal and (2) Lufthansa Senator Cafe (3) Lufthansa Senator Lounge in the Non-Schengen area

It may sometimes look like there’s a world of exclusivity and luxury is hidden behind those lounge doors when passing by as an “ordinary” / non status holder passenger. Well, the reality is totally different, though.

This review covers Lufthansa’s Senator Lounges only.
I will be covering Lufthansa’s Senator Cafe separately.

1. Getting there and Eligibility/Access

Turkish Airlines’ Gold Lounge is located right after security check in the international departures area.

Based on what I have been told, the following groups of passengers can access the lounge:

  • Lufthansa Senator Members

  • Lufthansa HON Circle Members

  • Star Alliance Gold Customers (+1 Guest)

2. Service and Staff

Lounge staff was attentive and not intrusive. That’s it. Not much to say about the people working there overall.

3. Food and Drinks

Solid, but not overwhelming. You will always find at least one lounge attendant ensuring that food and beverages are stocked up. The food spread covers traditional dishes including both meaty and vegetarian/sometimes vegan, soups, desserts. Nonetheless, it’s not quite Doha or Istanbul. This, however, is more a matter of personal taste ;)

Being a picky eater, I still had a hard time finding something up to my taste.

4. Seats and Beds

The lounge offers different areas with different lights and shades. This translates into different kinds of chairs, couches, and mixes thereof. As far as beds go, it’s available in some kind of “private” rooms, which, however, are limited.

5. Conclusion (3/5)

Lufthansa’s Senator lounges are solid, well-designed, but not too comfortable. During peak times, it can get crowded, and the food options are a mix of ready/pre-packaged offerings and meals fresh from the kitchen. Nonetheless, it’s not quite Doha or Istanbul in terms of food quality. Service wise, it’s solid: Lounge staff is efficient, friendly, and to the point - professional. Overall, I quite liked it, but it’s not like I would be going out of my way to spend more than a few hours there.

Askin Arcak