Lufthansa Senator Cafe (MUC / Munich, Germany)

My first time enjoying the perks of being Star Alliance Gold member at Munich Airport. Lufthansa offers (at least) three facilities for Star Alliance Gold Members: (1) Lufthansa’s Senator Lounges in two different locations in the Schengen Terminal and (2) Lufthansa Senator Cafe (3) Lufthansa Senator Lounge in the Non-Schengen area

It may sometimes look like there’s a world of exclusivity and luxury is hidden behind those lounge doors when passing by as an “ordinary” / non status holder passenger. Well, the reality is totally different, though.

This review covers Lufthansa’s Senator Cafe only.
I will be covering Lufthansa’s Senator Lounges separately.

1. Getting there and Eligibility/Access

Based on what I have been told, the following groups of passengers can access the lounge:

  • Lufthansa Senator Members

  • Lufthansa HON Circle Members

  • Star Alliance Gold Customers (+1 Guest)

2. Service and Staff

Lounge staff was in good mood, up for some chit-chat if you felt like. The level of attention to detail and friendliness was top-notch.

3. Food and Drinks

Given the very nature of this lounge - a “Cafe” type of lounge - food options were limited. Drinks wise, there was a wide spread of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

As is customary with many Lufthansa lounges, cafe available via barista. Cafe options ranged from Melangé to Americano to Macchiato. Great

4. Seats and Beds

Plenty of business-style, dark couches/sofas were available.

5. Conclusion (5/5)

Tranquil and clean. These two words sum it all up. Well-decorated, calm, good spread of sweets and coffee offerings, along with friendly and attentive staff. Lufthansa’s Senator Cafe is a real treat.

Askin Arcak