Turkish Airlines Business Lounge (IST / Istanbul, Turkey)

Istanbul’s new airport offers two Turkish Airlines Lounges: (1) Business Class Lounge for passengers having a business class ticket, and (2) Miles & Smiles Gold Lounge for Star Alliance Gold Members and passengers travelling on Turkish Airlines’ business class.

This review refers to the business lounge, i.e. the lounge that you can access with a business class ticket or a business class ticket when you are star alliance gold or Turkish airlines elite.

Before we get into the details, here are my findings on the differences between these two Turkish airlines lounges:

  • both lounges offer (pretty much) the same food spread

  • the business lounge appears to be slightly bigger in space

  • the business lounge offers an ironing service and a virtual golf course

  • also in the business lounge, you can find an art gallery, which is a nice touch to see some Turkish masterpieces

Other than that, both lounges look pretty much the same, and give you an excellent experience at the airport - be it catering wise, in terms of relaxing, or just refreshing yourself by using one of the showers. In both lounges you can (subject to availability) get a free 10-15min neck/shoulder massage by a massage therapist.

1. Getting there and Eligibility/Access

Turkish Airlines’ Business Lounge is located right after security check in the international departures area.

Based on what I have been told, the following groups of passengers can access the lounge:

  • Holders of Turkish Airlines Business Class Tickets

  • Star Alliance Gold Customers (+1 Guest) on a Turkish airlines business class ticket

  • Turkish Airlines Elite and Elite Plus members on a business class ticket

2. Service and Staff

Lounge staff was attentive and not intrusive.

3. Food and Drinks

Multiple stations offering a big spread of foods and drinks:

Turkish Food, Italian Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, Vegetarian Meals. Whatever you want to sample, it’s there.

4. Seats and Beds

The lounge offers different areas with different lights and shades. This translates into different kinds of chairs, couches, and mixes thereof. As far as beds go, it’s available in some kind of “private” rooms, which, however, are limited.

5. Conclusion (4/5)

Just like the Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles Lounge, this lounge is a real treat. Catering is excellent, service is good, shower and other facilities are available. Even during peak times you can get free seats, whatever dish you want, and not have a feeling of shortage.

Looking forward to being there again!

Askin Arcak