Austrian Airlines Senator Lounge (VIE / Vienna, Austria)

Austrian Airlines offers three lounges at Vienna Airport, i.e. (1) a Business Class Lounge, (2) Senator Lounge and (3) First Class Lounge. Entrance eligbility depends on whether you have a business class ticket and/or hold a Star Alliance Gold / Lufthansa HON Circle / Lufthansa Senator Status / Lufthansa Silver Status.

1. Getting there and Eligibility/Access

Finding the lounge is quite straight forward. Passing security check in the schengen area, take the escalators upstairs and just follow the signs leading you to the Austrian lounges. All three lounges are located in the same “corner” and come as separate spaces, i.e. rooms/halls.

Based on what I have been told, the following groups of passengers can access the lounge:

  • Lufthansa Senator

  • Star Alliance Gold Customers (+1 Guest)

  • Lufthansa HON Circle Members

2. Service and Staff

Not existing. Lounge staff sits outside the Senator Lounge in the reception area. Occassionally, you will find some people re-stocking and/or cleaning specific areas of the lounge. That’s it. You will not find anyone winding up and caring after your comfortable time in the lounge. It feels quite mediocre.

3. Food and Drinks

Various kinds of breads, soup of the day, and some vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal is always available. In terms of drinks, you can find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Overall, nothing to write home about. I prefer to get whatever I want to eat from the Supermarket before security check at the airport instead.

4. Seats and Beds

The lounge offers different kinds of chairs which can be comfortable if you can snag them during some non-busy times. During peak hours, getting somewhere to sit can be a tough deal.

5. Conclusion (2/5)

I have been going to this lounge for over a year now. Each and everytime I hope to see something that convinces me to spend more than 15 consecutive minutes in there. But I just can’t. It can be crowded during peak hours to the extent that you cannot get a seat. Food options are mediocre, and staff is just non-existent. Just like many other lounges in Europe, I feel to be better off outside the lounge and get an overpriced 5 EUR coffee and enjoy the airport atmosphere without having to be in a densely packed lounge that doesn’t give me a welcoming atmosphere.

Askin Arcak