Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge (DOH / Doha, Qatar)

My favorite of all lounges out there. Great food, nice atmosphere, friendly staff, and tranquil atmosphere mostly.

1. Getting there and Eligibility/Access

Right after clearing the dedicated security check in the business class area, you are near the iconic Doha Airport bear. Once there, you go to the right. Escalators lead up to the Al Mourjan lounge. Prior to being allowed to take the escalator, one and/or two lounge attendants check your boarding pass.

Based on what I have been told, the following groups of passengers can access the lounge:

  • Qatar Airways Business Class Customers

  • Qatar Airways First Class Customers

2. Service and Staff

Service is superb. Across the lounge, you will find both service and cleaning staff making sure that you get a pleasant stay.

3. Food and Drinks

The lounge features two separate areas: (1) A sandwich buffet where you can select and partially customize your sandwiches, and (2) a buffet area upstairs where you can select from a large spread of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals as well as a variety of desserts.

I alwasy go for the buffet area because of the excellent middle eastern and Asian dishes being served in this area. Nonetheless, the sandwich area appears to be very popular (especially with Western European and travellers from the Americas).

4. Seats and Beds

The lounge offers different kinds of chairs in different areas. Business chairs, lounge chairs, chairs with ottoman, etc. In addition, there is a “Quiet Area” that you can book (subject to availability).

5. Conclusion (5/5)

Great atmosphere, great food, great service, friendly staff. Qatar Airways is a five-star airline, and this is definitely justified rating based on what you get as a customer.

Askin Arcak