Malaysia Airlines A330 DPS - KUL / Denpasar (Bali) to Kuala Lumpur in Business Class

Avid to become a Qatar Airways Privilege Club Gold member, I opted for Malaysia Airlines’ A330 out of Denpasar. The price was reasonable, and the QCredits I could get on my way to Qatar Airways’ (one of the) top tier status levels was attractive.

Let’s see what it was like:

1. Ground Experience: Average

Boarding commenced 20 minutes to scheduled departure time. Other than that, nothing really special can be said about it.

2. Cabin and Crew: Doing what’s necessary

I was greeted by flight attendants. No smiles, no stern looks. Just neutral.

Malaysia Airlines’ A330 features a 1-2-1 configuration, meaning each seat has a direct aisle access. The seat was comfortable and even featured a massage function, which is a nice gimmick, but certainly cannot replace a property massage treatment. Each seat has (at least) one plug enabling you to charge your device(s).

Today’s cabin crew was a mix of senior and junior flight attendants - a total of four. They did the job by the books, but could definitely have smiled a bit more on some occasions.

3. Service: Average

Today’s inflight meal choice for me was chicken skewers with rice. The taste was fine, although a bit dry without any sauce. Nonetheless, it was alright.

4. Conclusion: Nothing to write home about (3 / 5)

Catering was alright, cabin crew wasn’t bad, but certainly could have smiled a bit more. Overall, I could tell that Malaysia Airlines isn’t quite Qatar Airways. I am aware that I am comparing two different airlines here, but there are certain points that could definitely be improved - without having to invest millions of monetary units into an airlines’ future - and one of them is: A SMILE :)

Askin Arcak