Thai Airways Airbus Airbus 350-900 // Bangkok to Singapore in Business Class

My first time on the airbus 350 was in late 2017 on Cathay Pacific’s Singapore to Hong Kong route. And I loved it. This one was no exception.

1. Ground Experience

Boarding commenced approx. an hour prior to official departure time. Due to operational issues, boarding was delayed by roughly half an hour. BKK airport’s ground handling staff is professional, and the airport features all kinds of equipment making for an amenable ground experience. Boarding was nothing to write home about.

2. First impressions of cabin & crew: professional and genuine

The cabin manager and two additional crew members warmly welcomed me and led me to my seat for the next two hours.

I was offered Thai Airways’ signature drink: Ice tamarind tea. I liked it. A sweet tea-based drink ;)


A few moments later, the cabin manager introduced herself and took my meal orders.


3. inflight Service: Excellent

Meal service commenced approx. an hour after departure.

As for the meal per se: It was great, but not overly memorable to me. It could be fact that I’m a picky eater. Or the fact that the meal wasn’t very special. Either way, this is complaining at a very high level. It was still worlds better than what you would get in Europe.

4. Conclusion: Awesome (5 / 5)

Excellent seats, state-of-the-art inflight entertainment system, and a friendly crew without fake smiles: Couldn’t ask for more. Awesome flight!