Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 // Doha to Istanbul in Business Class

After a relaxing night in the Al Mourjan Lounge (Qatar Airways’ Business Class Lounge), it was time to take my plane back to Istanbul on the Boeing 787-8 series aircraft.

1. Ground Experience: Immaculate

Boarding commenced approx. 30 minutes before departure time. Boarding was done via a jet-bridge. Priority boarding for First/Business Class passengers. Nothing to write home about. / OK / Solid.

2. Cabin and Crew: Warm & Genuine

I was greeted by a junior flight attendant along with the cabin manager overseeing business class and was led to my seat. Both flight attendants introduced themselves and took my meal orders.

Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787 series aircraft feature a 1-2-1 configuration, which means that each seat has direct aisle access. The seats were big and comfortable.

3. Service: Five-star service

Pre-departure drinks were served once I took place. Qatar Airways’ signature drink, various sorts of juices were offered. I kindly asked for Arabic coffee, but was told that it was exclusive to Middle East flights.

While serving the drinks, the crew took meal orders: The Doha-Istanbul flight in this case being an early morning flight, today’s choice was limited to breakfast options including Bircher Muesli and fruits.

Nonetheless, I did not like the Bircher Muesli much. It was more about the fact that I am a picky eater. Most people would probably love it. Somewhat surprised that I did not like it much, the flight attendants came up with two servings of fruit platter to make up for my disappointment. I quite liked the fact that they went the extra mile to give me additional utility here. Some other airlines probably wouldn’t care less ;)

Throughout the flight, drink refills were offered. The Junior flight attendant did a great job being attentive and coming up to my seat without me even having to press the flight attendant button. She was sympathetic and fully of energy.

4. Conclusion: Great (5 / 5)

I quite enjoyed it. The catering and the high degree of professionalism by the crew made for a great flight. The extra mile and high level of attention to detail of the junior flight attendant serving me was up to Qatar Airways’ standards. I took my time endorsing her skills when the lead cabin attendant came up my seat before landing.

Overall, I loved it! :)